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Social Awareness

"Hygiene begins with H, So does Health and So does Happiness"

Besides, being a catalyst for the buyers and sellers Texoking also takes initiatives to spread social awareness among society through making people follow hygiene practices to stay away from infection and illness.Texoking consider such initiatives among its prime responsibilities.

Hygiene Practices By Dr Trupti Rathi

In a country like India unfortunately it's been found that more than 70% of people often use others towels in their daily practice. May be their mom’s, Dad’s, Brother’s, Sister’s, Wife’s or may be of their Kid’s.

Unaware of the spread of disease & bacteria among each other, unaware of the skin infections that spoils the beauty of their face making them look ugly and dirty, people lead a unhealthy life.

You are literally wasting your money and time in beauty parlors and saloons if you are using someone else’s towel. It means it makes no sense.

The almighty God has designed us differently. There is a huge difference in the metabolism system of a kid , a lady and a man. All these 3 categories of people has a completely different skin textures, different sweat odors. in kids its tender, in ladies its mild & soft whereas in males its very harsh & stinky. When you use others towels all the germs & bacteria on his or her face or any part of body will immediately transferred to your skin causing immense harm and infection to your skin. This is very unhealthy and unhygienic practice. If you really want your skin to be healthy its very important to follow "Hygiene Practices" in your day to day life.

If its important to wash your hands before food, if its important for you to never to share your hanky then according to us it should be compulsory for everyone to use our own personal towel everyday and every time.