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Buyers Help Desk

Since we are one among you , from the bottom of our heart we feel and We understand that there is some level of confusion and anxiety attached with making a purchase online, and buying a product unseen that too in a big quantity. To help you make comfortable and smooth purchases online here are a few tips from us:

Shop with Sellers you know and understand, for products and brands you are familiar with.

Know what to expect. The sellers at are the same you have been shopping with offline for the past many years – they are well established in their domain and have a stellar reputation, making your transition to online shopping easy and smooth.

Check the product picture and description and make sure it is what you are looking for.

We have detailed descriptions and high resolution pictures of all the products we sell at, and if you need to have a question answered just ask us, we are there at your service.

Know the actual price of the product i.e. including the taxes, shipping, packaging and any other extra cost. prices in the quotations include all kind of taxes, discounts and all type of charges are always mentioned very clearly in the Quotations - no hidden costs anywhere.

Is the item in stock?

In other shopping sites, Many times sellers put products online that aren’t available in stock but we need not do such false and fake practices. Since the majority of the sellers at Texoking are the real authentic manufacturers, there is no chance for such problem to occur. We will mention very clearly if the item is out of stock and will inform you via email / SMS as soon as it is available again.

Payment methods should be completely secure.

Since is the real wholesale business site and deals with big amounts as compared to any retail site, we avoid asking payments through credit cards or any payment gateways.Most of our countrymen and businessmen are hesitant to make electronic payments and often do not even possess credit/debit cards that are required for ecommerce transactions. That’s why the payment system used by is the one that all Indian use every day. (DD, CHEQUE, NEFT, RTGS etc…)These payment systems are completely secure, so you can be assured that there will be no problems with your payment and it will be very safe even.

Be assured that return and refund policies are clearly defined.

Every item on our site has a clear return and refund policy spelled out so that all your questions are answered. Of course, if you still have a problem, contact us and you will hear from us within 24 working hours.

Read what you are signing up for.

Make sure that all the information you share online is secure and will not be used for any other purpose- we are sure like us, you don't like to be spammed either. At we guard your information very securely and we never share your personal and confidential data with anybody stopping the spammers get to you.

Make sure the order has been confirmed.

We will contact you via email, SMS or a call to confirm that your order has been received and will share other pertinent information with you in a timely manner.

Finally, know what to expect when you receive your order.

Your parcels of happiness should reach you in good condition, with an invoice and return instructions if needed.

Beside these important helping tips if ever you have any problem or query regarding anything about please feel free to contact us at